Is the end nigh?

Followers of Care To Share Mag will have noticed a distinct lack of activity of late. It’s just become too time-consuming alongside working full time and all the other little demands of everyday life.

But I don’t want to give up on what was promising to become a really great outlet for health and social care. I know from the messages I’ve recieved through various social media platforms just how many people value the mag and its aims. So this is a request for help.

Would you be able to spare a few hours a week chasing up articles? I’m hoping to put together a team of around half a dozen to share the load. I’ll still happily put each edition together (which takes longer than most people would imagine) but I really need help sourcing content.

If you can help please Email me at and we’ll see if we can share the load to resurrect #CareToShareMag.

Many thanks.




2 thoughts on “Is the end nigh?

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  2. I would love to devote some time to such an important resource. I have a critical care background and an new to mental health. I am a big FOAM follower and have found mental health resources greatly lacking. I would also be interested in podcasts in the future.

    Thanks , Michelle

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