About Care To share

Care To Share Magazine is a new, internet based community for anyone interested in improving any aspect of social care. The idea is to share innovations and ideas and to express opinions in a community of peers so that all can benefit.

Too often the media misrepresents social care or focuses only upon the rare but dramatic stories of abuse and poor practice. This creates a false, even damning impression of our sector in the public mindset and gets in the way of genuine attempts to improve things.

So Care To Share Magazine is an attempt to provide a realistic, hysteria free community. People who actually understand the social care sector can come together here without worrying about political biases, ideologically driven distortions or corporate media narratives.

Our community is based around a single, straightforward principle:

Honest, realistic sharing of ideas will benefit us all.


4 thoughts on “About Care To share

  1. Pardon my grammar for i am Dutch (the Netherlands that is, not German) wich is Deutch)

    Money rules the world. In media one big, allways present money maker is . . . bad news.
    People are (although they will not admit it) ‘horror viewers’. Traffic slows down when on the other lane there is an accident.
    Burning building? passive viewers. Bad news? many re-transmit it….
    We as a ‘human animal’ are leaning to the bad, maybe because it makes us feel better for it is not we that have the bad luck (at moment X)

    So yes, bad story’s get media attention.
    Good news setups fail most often.
    Self-promotion has a tendensy to not-to-believed. (We at pepsi advice pepsi…)

    • I agree. In UK there’s even a term for it:

      “Car crash marketing”.

      Even so – I think there’s room for a more balanced viewpoint (or at least a magazine where all sides can be discussed without censorship or bias). It’ll be interesting to see whether or not other people agree. So far though, I think there are plenty of people who feel the same way which is just great.

      Thankyou for commenting Reaco. Perhaps you’ll write an article for us sometime.



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