Editor’s notes

Stuart Sorensen

Stuart Sorensen

When I first began planning Care To Share Magazine back in September 2013 I had no idea just how much work it would take to maintain, or indeed how much support there would be from other ordinary people like me. The plan was to provide a voice, not just for those of us who work on the coalface of health and social care but also for those we care for, their relatives and indeed, anyone with an opinion to share and the will to be heard. I’m proud to say that it’s worked.

However it hasn’t been easy and sometimes I’ve had to put the magazine on hold as work and other things in the world offline got in the way. That’s why there’s been such a delay between issues 7 & 8. We all need to eat and earning a living has had to come first I’m afraid.

However, I’m happy to announce that my commute to work has just reduced by around 3 hours per day which should give me ample time to return to monthly editions of Care To Share Magazine. So thanks for your patience – we should be back to normal from now on.

In issue 8 I’m trying to stick to the decision we made as a community last summer by including a range of perspectives. The idea behind Care To Share Magazine was always to publish without editorial bias and I hope I’ve managed to go some way toward that here. Certainly there are a couple of articles I personally disagree with (one very strongly indeed) but that doesn’t mean those opinions shouldn’t be aired and discussed.

Please have a read and visit the blog too. Join in with the discussions but remember to be civil. Our authors have all donated their work free of charge – they deserve to be treated reasonably if only for that.


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Authors’ guidelines


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