Editor’s notes issue 6

Stuart Sorensen

Stuart Sorensen

It’s been a little while since the last issue of Care To Share Magazine was published. In fact it’s been two months (twice as long as originally intended). I know a couple of people have been concerned about that and several have contacted me privately to ask what’s happened.

The truth is simple and remarkably mundane. I’ve been busy. I’m currently working as a locum CPN in a community mental health team and the demands of that job has left me unable to commit quite so much time to Care To Share as I’d like to. We all have to earn a living, after all and it’s surprising just how much work goes into editing a mag like this. It surprised me, anyway.

All that aside issue 6 is finally ready to go online and I think you’ll agree that it was worth waiting for. As well as the usual fare of opinion from various branches of social care we have a couple of new concepts to try.

The first is something that I hope will become a regular feature – questions for the community. One of this month’s contributors, Cassandra suggested I include a section where readers can ask particular questions to be published in the magazine and the blog. It’s intended to help people connect with each other more easily and share information directly. This isn’t so much an ‘ask the expert’ page as many of our contributors are already expert in their own fields anyway. Rather it’s an ‘ask the other specialty’ concept.

For example an expert social worker may still be a little unsure about something that an occupational therapist knows like the back of her hand. A psychiatric nurse like myself can learn a lot from an autism specialist etc etc. We have a couple of questions to start us off but please do send in your questions for me to include in future issues – oh yes and feel free to pile in and answer the first ones in this edition too. Just look them up on the blog and make your comments as you would with any other blog piece.
I’ve also added one of my own – I want to know how to improve Care To Share. You’ll find those questions near the back of this month’s PDF and also on the blog where each has its own thread to make it easy to respond.

The second is a crossword – just for fun. Have a go and see how you do.


Behind the smiles by Dragonmisery
And the greatest of these is charity by Paul Jenkins
Crossword (just for fun)
Featured article: Toby’s travels by Yvonne Newbold
Home care is (not) shy by Corina Vladut
Merry Go Round by Cassandra
Weight gain and psychotropic medications by Peter Denton
What’s a mental health support worker worth? By Stuart Sorensen
Community questions


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