The truth campaign by Jayne Linney

Earlier this week Debbie and I started the latest stage in the TRUTH campaign, and launched a petition demanding Kathryn Hudson Parliamentary Commissioner For Standards investigate #IDS for persistently misleading both Parliament and the Public.

There are two primary reasons for our campaign; the ongoing misuse of statistics is not only a breach of the code of conduct #IDS is obliged as a Member of Parliament to abide by, but they result in the dangerous and inappropriate Policies disabled people are suffering from. The raft of Policies forming the Welfare Reform Act have been built on these distorted truths and the consequences are as numerous as the Polices:

  • We’ve witnessed an unknown number of disabled people DYING either through Suicide or other means directly attributed to the reform of Social Security
  • We’ve seen a rise in Hate Crime towards disabled people, reportedly as a direct outcome of the negative portrayal from the media reporting the skewed statistics and prejudicial rhetoric coming from the DWP.
  • We’ve experienced four years with a vast number of the 11 million of us, surviving an increase in poverty, with the financial cuts resulting in an average loss of f £4,410 per person – 9 times more than most other people.
  • Add the loss of services to this figure and we are existing despite bearing a loss of £8,832 per person – 19 times greater than the average person.


The above examples are not the whole picture, particularly when we consider the negative outcomes on our health:

  • living with fear of ‘brown envelopes‘
  • the stress and anxiety of the whole ESA & PIP Processes – especially if we enter the appeal and Tribunal system
  • the draconian way we are treated if placed in WRAG…

I could go on but I think you get the picture, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation got it right when they said     “our current welfare system doesn’t work“.

If any of the above offends, upsets or concerns you, might I remind you these real life issues are ALL the responsibility of one man Iain Duncan Smith, as the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has overall responsibility for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP); I’m not suggesting he personally designed the policies but he DID sign then off, he DOES regularly defend them with Lies, and it is this behaviour we are challenging.

Please SIGN our Petition, SHARE, BLOG, and TWEET #IDSTimeForTruth about this Campaign

We may have started it but…it belongs to YOU.

You can read more of Jayne Linney’s work by following her blog here:


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