Social care by Finola Moss

On Tuesday afternoon, some 3 days after the final hissy fit, we received our first communication from anyone.

It was an email from our social worker, as follows; ‘ I met with X and Y from the agency yesterday. Agency will no longer be supporting Isabel. Agency have ended their contract with Social Care and will no longer provide staff to work with Isabel. Please can we discuss’.

So endeth, mine and Issy ’s, 18 month relationship with the carers in kitchen.

A damning indictment on an agency, who purport to be ‘committed in developing our services to be a continuous, responsive and reflect the services required’.

And the two workers who left us, after nearly a year of knowing us, high and dry, without explanation, looking forward to a day out.

But then how is ‘Social Care’ accountable?

Obviously not by conscience and humanity.

You can make a complaint. We were not invited to. But what would then happen?

Nothing, as such complaints do not affect agencies commercially. Internal complaints systems are without teeth, and as such just a worthless sop to service provision. We do not pay, or commission the services, so have no contractual rights of an ordinary consumer.

We shall see what happens to our indirect complaint to Social Services. Last week I was contacted by the service manager, who I must meet with, before getting to stage 2.

So that’s an hour with team leader, then social worker, and then drafting a reply to their report, and now this lady, before I can get near the ‘ independent’ investigator. And at the same time I have to look after a severely autistic child, with no support, and no overnight respite for 18 months.

I am certainly doing a lot of jobs, for a lot of people, and they are then claiming this as part of their support system.

And the NHS now want to do an inspection of my house, I think to justify my carers allowance of £70 per week.

If only we had such diligent inspection of the huge amounts the state are spending on state ‘care’ … that is the scandal, the profiteering from our taxes, of money spent on our inadequate ‘social care’, respite and education.

In May, the Care Quality Commission on one of their standard checks of our agency, had rang me, but were just a lady in front of a computer form, asking if my workers were reliable ie turned up on time Presumably a sop to checking care quality, as a result of the undercover spying of the poor old lady stuck in her bed ringing an agency when her care did not arrive.

I mentioned to the CQC lady, that a second worker had not been sent on Saturdays for months, and asked how this might affect the agency, they said they might lose a star, she was not interested in their spying on me, that won’t be in her form.

Even if they lost a star,which would be unlikely to happen, it would not affect their contract with the LA.

Look at SERCO, they over claimed 70 million, and allowed prisons to escape, their court translator service was chaotic and expensive, and this merely increased their outsourcing empire. They were, and still might get all LA’s contracts for child protection.

Our social worker, on her last visit about my formal complaint, had stated this particular agency, were perhaps not the most appropriate care, and why did we chose them, we didn’t,but then she proceeded to state she was not allowed to recommend social care…..

It would appear, that the amount paid does not improve the service, as our agency was paid at least 4 times the £7.50 hourly rate, allowed by LA for a personal services carer.

Later the same day, our social worker emailed me back,‘ It would help me if you email me a list of tasks /job description for the worker. The worker will not know Issy, but will need to know what the expectations are in supporting her and what the role involves’.

So after 3, hour long home visits, amended care plan, core assessments, all the agency risk assessments, and it being her job, I, caring alone for a severely disabled child, that has cost the state to date £200,000 since 2013, for their purported ‘care’of her, have to do her job.

I reflect, but will never know, that her required information, may have been our agency’s excuse, for their withdrawal of care. And she wanted to ensure any new agency, could not do the same, and that I could not complain, as I had given her their remit.

So I email her back, repeating as usual, what they already know. All is time wasting pointless bureaucracy.

Such is Social ‘Care’…..

You can read more of Finola’s work by following her blog here:


7 thoughts on “Social care by Finola Moss

  1. Hi Finola,

    Thanks for sharing this. Your frustration is obvious and I really hope you can get a better solution before too long.


    Stuart (Ed)

    • Thank you Stuart, for taking the time to find, and read my desperate blog.

      There are many like us, who suffer unseen, in silence, as social care is not fit for purpose.

      How could it be. It consists of LA, extremely expensive, yet paid minimum wage, zero hour, itinerant agency workers, who are only accountable to their all for profit, self- preservatory,unaccountable agency.

      Indeed this out sourcing privatised, monopoly rip off is the government plan for all public services,through SERCO and CAPITA. .

      Real privatisation, through direct payments is deliberately made almost impossible, through payment of just over the statutory minimum wage. and hassle of recruitment and administration .ie the disabled or family, are expected to recruit and manage, as the monopoly agencies are, but not like them paid millions for doing so.

      The dedicated, good care workers, are unhappy, abused, and unable, to do their job properly, under the LA’s agency prescribed, itinerant, all for profit ,cultish, agency regime.

      A regime, which appears, where ever possible, to want to encage, in state care homes, and ‘independent’ living units,manned by agency workers, the old, and disabled, to maximise corporate profit from the public purse.

      Now 5 weeks later, we still have no support. But have wasted our time on 3 more meetings, and a PA from a private company has spent a couple of hours in our kitchen in lieu of ‘education’. Not yet blogged up

      Could someone try to campaign to stop this LA rip off of their duties, to help our most vulnerable, with our money ?

  2. I have been in your shoes – this has happened to 5 times in 4 years I currently have a survey running on social care to use to talk with MP about – He has been very helpful. You can find it here – Please encourage social care users to do this survey on social care thanks! #socialcare #careincrisis

    Also I have a petition at about freedom to complain about social care without fear of retribution. Need a shed load more signatories though!

    I’m wondering whether to petition my MP for an Early Day Motion. If we can get together in anyway, let me know.

    • Thank you for your reply and will sign your petition, but you should think of putting it in a petitioning site, the best is Change Org ,they send to a database of users, so have automatically a large audience , I don’t think gov have so often futile putting it there.

      Please email me on if you want . It is a rotten situation to be in, when the services you have paid for through taxes, are not adequate.Not only are the LA in breach of THEIR statutory duty to provide them,but they are making profits for corporate agencies with no check on approriateness, or quality..

      Hope you might be now better supported. Direct payments would be the answer, but we need to be able to have details or canvass for workers, and give them a decent wage , this would also be cheaper for LA. But such services appear deliberately made logistically impossible,

      The Social services say they are not allowed to recommend a particular service, but are charged with providing the agents they commission so this is nonsense. And they pay their agency 4 times at least that paid for direct services.

      This shows this is nothing to do with cost cutting, but about making profits for certain chosen agencies..

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