Working as an Assistant Psychologist within the NHS, I have not only cared for those with enduring mental health difficulties, but also their families. The more I am exposed to their relatives, the more I learn about their needs and the impact caring can have on their wellbeing. Along with this, I have heard their powerful, collective voice communicate the needs of their families, however this seems to still go little heard or understood. Because of this, I have become increasingly interested in learning how best to support carers, and to help promote their voice to bring change. I have currently gone back to University to study research in psychology at a postgraduate level. With this, I wanted to research this relevant and significant issue of carers experiences and wellbeing. I am now recruiting for the project below, which is hoping to bring attention and understanding to carers experiences and how this effects their caring role. I believe research is an important tool to share the needs of people to a wide and influential audience.

This research is utilising a questionnaire which I co-developed with a group of carers within the NHS, and professionals experienced in supporting carers. I hope that this study will help to develop our understanding of some of the specific emotions that are involved when caring for a relative with mental health difficulties, and the impact this can have on their wellbeing. I hope this will help clinicians’ approach to carers, and help tailor services to become better equipped to support them.

Recruitment details: If you are over 18 years old, and have weekly contact with your relative with mental health difficulties, we’d really like to hear from you. We are carrying out a study aiming to better understand the emotional experiences of caring for a relative with mental health difficulties. We understand that this can be difficult, so our aim is to help improve service provision for carers. This is a short study containing three questionnaires. One has been especially designed in consultation with carers.

The questionnaires take approximately 30 minutes. You can complete them online via the link below, or you can complete a paper copy. Further information is also included in the link below, but please contact Leanne Messham at if you have any queries. Please contact Irene Harris if you would prefer a paper copy of the questionnaires- these will be sent out with a stamped envelope for return. All data will remain anonymous.

This research has been approved by the University of Liverpool ethics committee, and is supervised by Dr Bill Sellwood, senior lecturer at the Division of Clinical Psychology.

Please follow this link to the study

Should you wish to help me advertise my research, please also contact me on



  1. Hi Leanne,

    In the light of some of this issue’s other articles on carers and the stresses they face it’s good to know that you’re trying to do something constructive to help.

    I hope that Care To share Magazine can get you some respondents.


    Stuart (Ed)

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