DWP not so disability confident when it comes to PIP by NickD of ‘ilegal’

NickD graphic349,000 claims made – 15,100 awards to the terminally ill

of 68,800 non -terminally ill claims decided;
only half (34,400) qualify under new rules…

The DWP ‘Press’ Office has been remarkably quiet about their latest ‘PIP’ release…..
Lately, they’ve been pushing their laughably hypocritical ‘disability confident’ slogan around social media in a vain attempt at convincing people they genuinely care about getting the disabled all the support they need.

In an effort to totally mislead and distract the increasingly biased DWP Press Office have taken to advertising for the Sun – no surprise since ex – Murdoch man Richard Caseby was appointed as their director of communications earlier this year , they promptly helped out by telling us how people in wheelchairs can become gym instructors…..
Disabled gym instructors

Now, let’s see how ‘able’ the disabled are when it comes to navigating the chaotic DWP in an attempt to make their lives a little easier with the new flagship ‘Personal Independence Payment’….
I really wouldn’t expect big miracles….

Between 8th April 2013 and 28th March 2014:

349,000 new claims had been registered for PIP, of which 13,900 thousand were for claims made under Special Rules for Terminally Ill people.

83,900 decisions had been made on PIP new claims, of which 15,100 were for claims made under Special Rules for Terminally Ill people.

I think it fair to say the DWP know these ‘results’ won’t go down well. I would also encourage those reading the DWP’s latest release to see through the deliberate use of ‘squashed’ graphs which makes it look as though the rate of awards is encouraging – it’s a well known DWP trick to craftily adjust graph scales to make it look as though certain statistics are shooting up at a rapid rate of knots.

Another DWP act of deviousness is to resort to using percentages when they know the numbers are truly abysmal.

And believe me these results are well and truly awful….

The DWP has made only 68,800 decisions on non terminally ill cases (not including claims which have been withdrawn) out of 349,000 claims – around 19.5%.

Of the 68,800 non – terminally ill claims which have resulted in a decision being made, only 50% have resulted in an award – 34,400. It means around only 9.8% of all claims are resulting in an award being decided and then paid in favour of the claimant. The 50% falls to 45% when withdrawn claims are included.

The DWP sneakily uses a figure of 59% qualifying towards the start of the release, it’s misleading because it adds the percentages of both terminally ill and non terminally ill cases together to give a higher figure, they also base the figure on withdrawn claims not being included.

The figures get even worse when you look in to how 36,800 claims in payment were made up:
On the 28th February 2014, 36.8 thousand people had PIP in payment. Of these:

• 29% were assessed under Special Rules for Terminally Ill people.
• 31% were assessed as having a malignant disease as their main disability, and 21% as mental illness
• 22% received Daily Living Award only, 10% received Mobility Award only, and 68% received both Daily Living and Mobility Award.
• 72% received an award at the enhanced rate, and 28% at the standard rate.
However, for normal rules new claims only, 60% received an award at the enhanced rate and 100% for terminally ill people

It’s difficult to make a proper analysis without a spreadsheet version being made available. There’s no information on waiting times, appeals and reconsiderations – usual DWP Modus Operandi.

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One thought on “DWP not so disability confident when it comes to PIP by NickD of ‘ilegal’

  1. Hi Nick,

    Thankyou for posting this. I think it’s so important that we keep on getting the figures out there. So many people just don’t know what’s going on under their very noses.


    Stuart (Ed)

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