Issue 7 Editor’s notes by Stuart Sorensen

The latest issue of Care To Share Magazine is ready to publish. It’ll be online on June 14th complete with blog posts and downloadable PDF. And it’s a good one.

I’m posting the Editor’s notes and Contents list in advance to whet your collective appetite for what’s to come.

Keep sending in your articles though – I’m already working on Issue 8 (due out mid July).

Cover picWow! What a brilliant response!

Last month I asked Care To Share Magazine readers to suggest ways that the magazine could be improved. Several people made the same point which was that the mag has too narrow a focus (primarily professional and mental health related). Some also pointed out that the magazine is too UK centric.

Of course the focus of each issue depends entirely upon the interests of that month’s contributors but to use that fact as an excuse to dismiss the problem would be unreasonable. So I’ve made a concerted effort to attract a more diverse group of contributors. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am at the response.
This month is packed with diverse articles and I know others are in progress ready for issue 8 in July. It seems that Care To Share Magazine has turned a corner. And what a corner it was.

Highlights include contributions from some very prestigious authors including Tommy Whitelaw, an undisputed champion for those affected by dementia and their carers. We have articles supplied by Canadian Disability (Architecturally challenged) activist Terry Weins, Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre For Welfare Reform, Ellen Anthony, an American carer whose piece on her experience of elder abuse is a lesson for us all and two separate short articles by nurses from either side of the Atlantic describing the reality of ‘care’ and the frustration they share with care providers everywhere when they find that their ‘hands are tied’. And that’s not all by any means. Have a look at he contents list below to see what other goodies we have in store.

I hope you enjoy reading issue 7 as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it all together. All Care To Share articles appear on theCare To Share blog ( for readers to have their say on line too.

And please do get in touch with your own articles for future issues. Just Email me on for more details. After all – issue 8 won’t write itself.

Stuart Sorensen


2 Editor’s notes by Stuart Sorensen
3 Contents

Featured article

4 Making a difference for people affected by dementia by Tommy Whitelaw

Lived experience

6Dealing with everyday life by J.A. Carter
8 It’s Alright to Say No! by Terry Wiens


10 She Fell by Ellen Anthony
11 Into the abyss or……… Where is the care? By Carer with attitude

Care workers

13 Care… by Senior Nurse 85
14 Tie my hands by CJ Calliero

Policy and philosophy

16 The health of nations by Gareth Williams
17 The Eugenic Fallacy by Dr. Simon Duffy
20 20 commissioning tips by David Smith
22 DWP not so disability confident when it comes to PIP by Nick D

24 Authors’ guidelines


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