Can you help?

A few days ago I asked for opinions on how we might improve Care To Share Magazine. One Email respondent pointed out that the magazine is too mental health orientated and also aimed a little too much at professionals rather than service users and carers. I can only agree.

I think the mental health bias reflects the fact that many contributors already knew me before Care To Share precisely because I (and they) were involved in mental health care to begin with. But there’s much more to health and social care than that.
I also think that contributions tend to reflect a left wing political perspective for the same reason. Whilst I may agree with them personally, they don’t represent the wide variety of views that Care To Share was hoping to attract.

So my questions to you all are:

1   How do we attract a greater diversity of views?
2   What can I do to encourage a greater balance?
3   What will you do to help us source greater diversity of contributions?
4 How can we attract more international contributions?

Please let us all know your thoughts and if you can please spread the word to others. Let’s work together to take Care To Share to the next level.


6 thoughts on “Can you help?

  1. I am interested and read regurlarly your blog but i would appreciate other students contribiutions. Till then I’ll carry on being the sponge, attempting to absorb as much as possible. In the meantime, thanks & keep on keeping on.

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