Home care is (NOT) shy By Corina Vladut

Give home care its voiceI entered the world of domiciliary care with the impression that home care is just something that few people need or that being a carer is an easy to do job; that home care is one of the shy sectors in healthcare and thus it stays hidden in the dark. But, as time went by and as I had more direct encounter with home care workers I rapidly realized that my assumptions had little truth in them. Let’s just stop and think.

Firstly, who hasn’t seen the statistics describing the rapid growth of the older population or how we still struggle to manage chronic diseases while trying to sustain a decent quality of life for those affected.

Secondly, our older relatives, family, friends want to live independent at home. There is no need for explanation here. Wouldn’t you?

Thirdly, knowing how the situation is does not change the fact that we (or many people) don’t see home care as a sector that needs funding, help and promotion. Maybe, in this culture of “being too busy” we somehow forget to take care of our health and, most importantly, “forget” that we will get old and might be in need of care some day.

Unfortunately, I think home care is still seen as the “shy sister” in healthcare. Not many rush into this type of job or not many talk about it. It is like the elephant in room. Maybe because people don’t see and recognize its importance or the need for it. Yet.

Now, the good news is that I know and think that:

(a) home care doesn’t have a fixed mindset ;
(b) there are so many organizations and passionate entrepreneurs trying to revolutionize home care;
(c) we have the technology to improve home care.

While still battling its shyness, home care is slowly reaching its full potential through the use of technology but also through the human factor: dedicated care managers and workers. As I see it, better home health care is a necessity. So, I ask you, think of the future. Of your future. Give home care a more powerful voice and an extroverted personality type, in your articles, discussions, work. Let’s make home care stand out!

Corina Vladut works for Nurse Buddy and you can read more of her writing via the Nurse Buddy blog:


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