Crossword – just for fun

Have a go at this. You may need to download this month’s PDF to answer all the clues but hey – what’s not to like?



1 Feared by some, loved or hated by others, this group works to protect 5 down
2 Without this we easily become lost and confused
3 Those who help aren’t all inside
4 Medical term meaning ‘state of’
6 A growth industry where food is concerned
7 1 down did this as a form of self help in issue 6
8 Much maligned by one Andrew Wakefield
9 Chaotic greasers have initial praise for this condition
11 9 across is part of Mr. Newton’s rainbow
13 What we should do more of when we’re not satisfied
14 A short test most often used with the elderly
15 With discrimination disrupted inside, we sing ecumenically


1 A Care To Share author from ancient Greece
2 A psychiatric terminology supplement always within
3 A trick cyclist – well, not quite
5 Protected by safeguarding
10 Mr. Sim about with a tag is misunderstood by society
11 Seneca told us the philosophy inside is to ice and control the feelings
12 Socially speaking this suggests that there’s more to life then medicine


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