Editor’s notes By Stuart Sorensen

Stuart Sorensen

Stuart Sorensen

Here we are at issue 5 already. It almost seems like yesterday when I first had the idea for Care To Share Magazine and put out the first few, tentative requests for articles on social media. Now – 5 months on I can’t believe how well the magazine has been received.

In the short time since the first issue hit the web we’ve had contributions from workers, researchers, service users and carers. Geographically speaking, articles have been sent from as far away as the USA, Australia, Holland and Italy as well as a host of domestic contributions. And all because a few social care advocates got fed up with the way that mainstream media outlets treat our chosen field of work. That’s an attitude reflected in this month’s first article – the uncompromising ‘Rationale behind Poverty Street Media’ by Jayne Linney.

But Care To Share has evolved a bit too. Now you’re just as likely to find stories about health care inside these pages as about social care. Perhaps that was inevitable given the increasingly blurred lines between the two. Whatever the reason I think it has enriched the magazine to extend its focus a little. We always aimed to include different perspectives and the additional focus on health certainly has the potential for that.

This month’s featured article is over twice as long as the usual Care To Share offering but I think it’s worth it. Not only is it a remarkable account of the impact good people can have on really bad situations it’s also a fascinating account of a system most UK citizens know almost nothing about. Bipolar Nana describes an American psychiatric system that seems barbaric to UK eyes. I’ve been a UK psych nurse for 20 years now and never once have I strapped anyone to a bed, routinely or otherwise. You’ll find her article on p.16. Please let us know what you think.

As ever it’d be good to receive your feedback on all this month’s articles, either on the blog http://www.caretosharemagazine.wordpress.com or via Email using info@thecareguy.com


Editor’s notes by Stuart Sorensen
The rationale behind Poverty Street Media by Jayne Linney
Working with the abused by Lonely Girl
Social care – is there an app for that? By Hannah Murphy
Broken legs and mental health by Rosie Brown
Disclosing your mental health problems by Alex the student
The Protection Racket by Julie Line
Cause of death by Anonymous
Featured article The nurse at Sylmar psych ward by Bipolar Nana
Differently abled by Tracey Dee Whitt
There is no ‘us and them’ by Stuart Sorensen
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