Issue 4 ‘Editor’s notes’ & contents

Hi, I’m Stuart Sorensen. I’d like to welcome you issue 4 of Care To Share Magazine. I’m really thrilled with the way that it’s turned out and with the help and hard work from so many contributors that has gone into making each issue of Care To Share Magazine a reality.

Care To Share isn’t like other magazines. It’s not tied to any particular publishing house and neither is there any recognisable editorial agenda. In fact, that’s the whole point.

Care To Share has set out to capture any and all views about social care. We accept articles and opinions from anyone who would like to write for us, regardless of their experience or professional status. We accept articles from first time writers and publishing veterans. We have support workers and carers, service-users and senior professionals all rubbing shoulders within the Care To Share community and all given equal footing to make their case or have their say. All we ask from contributors is that they remain within the law (avoid libel or abuse for example) and keep their articles relevant to social care. Previous volumes are available to download from the blog at

Please enjoy the articles presented here, join in with the discussions on the Care To Share blog – and spread the word to your peers and colleagues. Issue 5 will need articles too – as will issues 6, 7 and 8. If you have something to say about social care please don’t hesitate to Email me at

Articles should be between 500-1000 words long on any genuine social care topic.

Go on – you know you want to.

Issue 4
This month’s offerings have been organized (very roughly) into two categories. These are:

Workers and service provision

3 Sponge by Kirstyn Knowles
4 The Saviour fantasy and emergency responses by Stuart Sorensen
5 Let’s keep things simple by Hugh Boyden
7 Community spirit by Henry Hobson

Mental health

8 She took her own life by Claire Hirst (CLASP charity)
10 Penguins don’t obsess by Michelle Longo
12 The Mentally Ill need to be Mentally Stronger to get Help by Josephine Bloggs
14 We merry few by Carl Spaul

15 Authors’ guidelines

Stuart Sorensen is a practicing mental health nurse, trainer and consultant. Find his website at


7 thoughts on “Issue 4 ‘Editor’s notes’ & contents

  1. Reblogged this on NomNomHelp and commented:
    I’m delighted that a blog post of mine has been chosen for Care to Share, an online magazine run through WordPress. Although I was expecting this and for my picture to be included, I wasn’t expected to be named. Eek! I don’t mind, to be fair to the editor i didn’t make it clear when i said i was going to be brave and allow my picture that i still wanted my name to be hushed. Out goes the anonymity… Maybe it’s time for me to start sharing this blog with people I know?

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