Issue 4 is a bit late

Yes, I know. Issue 4 should be out today. However I’ve had a problem. My PC ‘died’. That’s the only drawback with the non-commercial ethos of Care To Share Magazine. It’s subject to the same vagaries of ordinary people as the rest of us.

Anyway I’ve finally scraped up the dosh to buy a new PC today so I’ll hopefully be able to produce issue 4 by next weekend. I’m aiming for Sunday 23rd.

The advantage to this is that there’s still time to get your article in if you’re so inclined. Just Email me at with your contribution. You’ll find the authors’ guidelines here.

It really is that simple. You too can be part of our growing (and decidedly non corporate) social care project.

Go on – you know you want to!
C2C have your say meme

Click the link to see what Care To Share Magazine is all about


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