Investing in Families – Walking the Walk by Sarah Clayton

On the 20th February 2014 I will be speaking at a conference in Manchester. The audience will be made up of individuals and families that access health and social care services. Some will be thinking of themselves, others of their children or their siblings and some of their parents. Some will be new to the world of disability, many will have years of experience behind them. All will be looking for information, all will be looking to the future and all will have moved mountains to reorganise their day in order to be able to attend.

Over the past few years the term coproduction has become very popular. In an ideal world health and social care practitioners are working in partnership with families coproducing solutions that lead to positive outcomes. In the real world many families do not feel as though they are equal partners in this scenario, do not have access to enough information and do not have ready access to the resources that best suit their needs. A vital element of coproduction is investment in families and that is what this conference is all about. The organisations and individuals involved are volunteering their time and resources in order to ensure that there is no financial cost for families who want to come along.

To book a place please contact Janet Cobb at or 07980 754448

10.00 am Registration and coffee

10.30 am Steven Rose
Chair and Chief Executive Choice Support
Welcome, introductions and overview of the day

10.45am Jo Grace
Sensory Stories

11.30am Charlie Levinson
Multi Me

12.30pm Eric Tamanis
Executive Director Property and Business Development
Progress Housing Group

1pm Lunch break & networking

2pm Katie Clarke and Deb Aspland
Family network launch

2.30pm Sarah Clayton
Postural care

3.30pm Steven Rose
Closing remarks

4pm Close

Clinic sessions run concurrently from 10.50am – 1.50 pm (3 hours) and again

2.30 – 3.30 (1 hour)

Information clinic options

Clinic 1: Advocacy Jonathan Senker CEO Voiceability
Colleen Humphrey Services Director Voiceability

Clinic 2: Recruiting and managing personal assistants Mark Ferry HR Director Choice Support

Clinic 3: Payroll and Managing a budget. Making your Direct Payment go further. Bridget Nwajei
Finance Director Choice Support

Clinic 4: Legal questions James Sinclair- Taylor Head of the Charity and Social Business Team
Russell Cooke Solicitors

Clinic 5: Housing Eric Tamanis Executive Director Progress Care Housing Association (Property and Business Development) Progress Housing Group
Philomena Cunningham Deputy Director Progress Care Housing Association

Clinic 6: Benefits TBC Housing and Support Alliance (formerly Housing Options and the Association for Supported Living)

Clinic 7: Personal budgets Pippa Murray Director ibk initiatives

Clinic 8: Health Janet Cobb Jan-Net Ltd Health and learning disability networks

Editor’s note:
Care To share Magazine is a non-commercial enterprise. As such we do not involve ourselves in advertising commercial events. However free events and services such as the ‘Investing in families’ conference are a different matter. It seems appropriate for Care To Share Magazine to advertise such events when they are in keeping with articles in the current issue and are not intended to generate a profit from those attending.


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