ABCs of Care to Share

I recently accepted a challenge on a friend’s blog. Suze St. Maur (who has an article in issue 1, by the way) challenged her readers to write a 26 sentence article. Sentences had to begin with consecutive letters of the alphabet. 26 sentences, 26 letters and a coherent message.

This was my attempt at the challenge….

Anyone can start stuff, that’s a given. But it has to be worth it. Commitment to a new project often means sacrifice, in time, in hard work, in loss of other opportunities. Doing one thing inevitably means not doing something else. Every project has its price.

For Care to share magazine to succeed the price isn’t too high. Good practice is its own reward, offsetting the cost in time taken to achieve it, especially if that cost is shared. How much of your time would you be willing to give up?

Involvement in this new community takes only a small chunk of time. Just an hour or so to write about what lights ‘the fire in your belly’. Knowledge is what we’re asking for.

Let us know your big idea for social care. Make yourself heard through the monthly Care to share magazine and the blogs that support it. Nothing is quite so rewarding as seeing your idea taken seriously among your peers.

Of course there’s a risk here too. People may not like what you have to say. Questions are encouraged through the blog discussions (so long as they’re not abusive). Realistically there would be no community without the freedom of discussion and honest inquiry. Sharing ideas is a great way to refine them and as the Care to share community grows it will include a wealth of skilled and knowledgeable people to bounce our ideas off.

Tell us what inspires you or what frustrates you about social care. Uplift us with your tales of inspiration and courage against the odds. Vent your anger at an unjust system or show us how to beat it. We can learn from each other how to overcome the problems facing today’s social care providers. Xenophobia to disablism, stigmatisation of those with challenges to resourcing problems in an increasingly underfunded sector, all are up for discussion with Care to share.

You may have never written anything for publication before or you might be an old hand. Zealous advocate or considered strategist, your opinions count and your words will be welcome.


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