Why start Care To Share Magazine?

What an encouraging few days. 10 days days ago I had a ‘wild idea’. I was catching up on my twitter timeline, looking as I often do for interesting ideas and creative approaches to care. I was getting the ‘craich’ as we say in West Cumbria about my various interests when a wave of frustration hit me. I realised just how much I must be missing.
C2C have your say meme
I follow over three and a half thousand people on Twitter, most of whom have some sort of connection to social care and many of whom are both fascinating and prolific tweeters. This makes it impossible to keep up with my timeline and I’m sure I miss out on much more than I notice. The same is undoubtedly true for other social media platforms. In every case the more people we connect with the less likely we are to hear what any of them have to say.

If it’s hard for me to keep up with my relatively modest number of connections (some have thousands or even hundreds of thousands) what must it be like for other, more popular tweeters? What we need is a central resource with minimal censorship that isn’t dependent upon people being online at the same time. The Care To Share magazine was born.

Within just a few days I’ve had over 60 different people offering to contribute articles. Authors come from a variety of disciplines with a hugely diverse range of experiences and opinions. There are first time writers (I love that fact) and seasoned ‘personalities’ as well. We have professional people and those who use care services alongside carers, policy makers, researchers and activists, all keen to have their say.

What they all have in common is a willingness to contribute to a free exchange of ideas in which nobody has an automatic right to be in charge and literally anyone can put their opinions forward. All we really ask is that people avoid abuse and remain within the law. I really think we might be on the verge of something big here.

So what’s so different about Care to share magazine?

There’s no single thing that makes Care to share worth doing. Internet discussion has been around for ages and so have magazines. Many blogs have a ‘light touch’ approach to freedom of speech and free PDF publications abound. But the combination of all these different factors is much less common.

Nobody will have to pay a penny for this PDF. Neither is it tied to any particular publishing house or corporate provider. That independence means that it is much easier to avoid corporate bias. In fact the commitment to publish ideas that aren’t exactly mainstream will be one of the defining features of Care to share. After all, every great innovation begins with a single thought. Care to share magazine will provide a platform for new ideas and an opportunity for community discussion without rejecting anything simply because it’s new.
C2C handwriting meme
So what are you waiting for? This could be your opportunity to tell the world your big idea. Or maybe you need to raise awareness within the social care community about an existing situation. Could you put together 500-1000 words? Check the authors’ guidelines here and get involved today. The deadline for the 1st edition will be Friday November 9th 2013 with monthly publications starting on November 16th. Just Email your article and a short biography (with URL if you have one) to Stuart Sorensen at info@TheCareGuy.com to take part.

Go on….. you know you want to.


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