Did you know about the Care To Share community?

Did you know that news stories are as much about fashion as actual news?

Media editors tend to follow shared scripts and just don’t report ‘off message’ stories.

Did you know that newspapers and magazines routinely misrepresent reality?

Journalists, sub editors and editors often don’t understand the issues their papers and magazines are reporting on.

Did you know that many front page news stories are nothing more than exaggerated generalisations?

Fear and outrage sells. Stories about things working well don’t. So headlines reflect unusual events but make them seem commonplace.

Imagine a magazine that presented the truth, written by people who understand and who genuinely care about their subject. Wouldn’t that be good? Well, you don’t have to imagine any longer. For those of us with an interest in social care the time for reality has come.
Pic of PDF 1
Care To Share Magazine is a brand new monthly for social care. It’s a free magazine, published on line as a downloadable PDF and supported by blogs, by social media and by community discussion.

Care To Share has no agenda, no financial motive and no corporate strategy to distort its content. Articles come from professionals, service users and relatives who truly understand the realities of social care because they live it. And anyone can contribute.

If you have something to say, perhaps you’ve developed a new innovation or you want to raise awareness about something, Care To Share is for you. Send us 500-1000 words on any social care topic. So long as your article isn’t libellous, poorly disguised advertising or abusive we’ll publish it. The guidelines for authors are here.
C2C handwriting meme
Or perhaps you’d rather just read and comment upon what others have to say. That’s OK too. Like Care to share on facebook here.

If you’re on twitter find us on the #CareToShareMag hashtag too.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join our fast growing community today.

Go on. You know you want to.


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