Authors’ guidelines

Care to Share Magazine is a collaborative initiative open to anyone with an interest in the social care or health care sectors. It’s a monthly magazine that aims to capture a wide range of views from people throughout the sector.

Pic of PDF 1Articles are sought from a wide range of contributors including workers, service-users, carers, policy-makers and others who have something to say. Although we cannot pay for articles (it’s a free magazine, after all) all articles will be credited and authors have the opportunity to see their web details (website, blog etc) published alongside their contribution. Check our ‘What to write about’ page for inspiration.

Email Stuart Sorensen (editor) at if you’d like to submit an article.

Submitting an article to Care to Share Magazine is easy. The magazine seeks to reflect a diverse range of opinions. This means that articles that may be unpopular and so rejected by other magazines will be accepted here so long as they follow the guidelines below. Care to Share magazine values freedom of speech and the right to be heard. Hopefully this inclusive policy will help to develop a lively and vibrant community where all can come together and learn from each other.

Guidelines for authors:

(The authors’ guidelines were updated after the publication of issue 1. The up to date guidelines are below)

1. Articles can be on any topic you wish so long as there is a genuine link to a social care or health care related topic;
2. Articles should be written in English and between 500 and 2000 words in length;
3. Care to Share Magazine reserves the right to delay publication of any article to ensure balance in each edition;
4. Care to Share Magazine reserves the right to edit articles to ensure appropriate length and legality.
5. Referenced articles are welcome but not essential. This is a magazine after all, not an academic journal. However, if you decide to quote research a reference would help;
6. Please submit any photographs you’d like to be included alongside your article;
7. You must own the copyright for any article or picture you submit (or have the owner’s expressed permission to submit it);
8. Abusive articles will not be accepted;
9. Please provide a short biography or self-description along with your article (50 words maximum);
10. Please provide any working weblink that you would like to appear alongside your article (EG to your website or blog);
11. Please Email your article in MSWord format to ;
12. The deadline for each edition’s submissions will be the 9th of that calendar month unless otherwise specified;
13. Care to Share aims to be a community as well as a magazine. Therefore articles may also appear for comment on the ‘Care to share magazine’ blog;
14. Although there is inevitably an element of ‘content marketing’ associated with a venture of this kind, blatant commercials asking readers to purchase products or services will not be accepted. Links to free services are fine but Care to Share is a community venture, not a commercial enterprise.

You can download previous issues of Care To Share magazine in PDF format here.


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